Take Control of Your Health

Premium CBD Oil for Sale,
Buy Canadian Made CBD Oil
& CBD Topicals

CBD Oil with Zero THC from Honest Botanicals

Take Control of Your Health

Premium CBD Oil for Sale,
Buy Canadian Made CBD Oil
& CBD Topicals

Honest Botanicals CBD Products Handcrafted in Vancouver, BC

All our products are produced in clean, modern facilities, every ingredient is lab-tested, and our hemp is 100% Canadian grown and harvested.

Working with other brands over the years, we have witnessed their success and contribution to the Canadian Industry. Now our goal is to provide an even better CBD product to share our fellow country folk. We are ready and we are honest. Whether it’s a small personal order or a large store order, we can and we will fulfill your needs.


Honest CBD Oils

Hand crafted using the highest quality materials available, we have created an truly awesome CBD Oil product.

  • CBG Oil – Zero THC

  • CBD Oil – Full Spectrum

  • CBD Oil – Zero THC

  • Pet CBD Oil – Zero THC

  • Pet CBD Oil – Bacon Flavour


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“If you want to try a really high quality CBD Oil with zero THC, then you have found the right place. Honest Botanicals has done a really great job creating an excellent quality CBD Oil”

Donna Gayle, Teacher

How much CBD should I take?

We at Honest Botanicals are here to help. We’ve created a guide to help you with your CBD dosage, so you can figure out where to start, how much to increase your dosage by, and what dosage works best for you.

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Weight Mild
< 25 lbs 4.5 mg 6 mg 9 mg
26-45 lbs 6 mg 9 mg 12 mg
46-85 lbs 9 mg 12 mg 15 mg
86-150 lbs 12 mg 15 mg 18 mg
151-240 lbs 18 mg 22.5 mg 30 mg
< 241 lbs 22.5 mg 30 mg 45 mg

CBD Guidebook

CBD for Pain Relief

Categories: Health & Wellness|

Over the last few years, the popularity of CBD has expanded considerably. One of the reasons that society has taken so well to CBD is because it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. Essentially, you can enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without getting high. CBD has become an integral part of pain treatment regimens for sufferers facing a variety of chronic pain-related conditions.

CBD Dosage Guidelines

Categories: Health & Wellness|

As the medical community is finally starting to realize, CBD can help with numerous illnesses and conditions. Despite CBD’s rise in popularity, there are lots of CBD dosage questions and plenty of misinformation. The main question we receive from customers is definitely “How much CBD should I take”?

CBD Cookbook

Any Herb CBD Pesto

Looking for a tasty way to use all those fresh herbs from your garden? Look no further! This customizable recipe offers a fun and easy way to incorporate CBD oil that's both healthy and delicious.


Take control of your health

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