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Who we are

Honest Botanicals is a team of like minded individuals who came together to create a company that creates natural botanical products that heal the mind and body

Honest Botanicals is a CBD oil and topical company you can trust. We’re committed to manufacturing the highest quality CBD products on the market, and the results are nothing less than exceptional. We currently carry a variety of pure CBD and blended THC:CBD oils with a growing number of CBD topicals and edibles, we proudly offer a wide range of premium CBD products.

Our products are made with attention to detail, right here in Vancouver BC. All of our hemp is organically grown in Canada, and rigorously tested and examined by qualified staff using the finest instruments on the market. We’re very close with the manufacturers we work with and we’re constantly raising each other’s standards. When you use Honest Botanicals products, you’re using products that have passed rigorous independent testing with flying colors. or more

We strive to provide healthy botanicals for everyone who would rather have an all natural healing process rather than a harmful synthetic cure.

Serving our customers with top-notch service is the number one priority of Honest Botanicals. If you have any questions regarding CBD please reach out to us or check out our FAQ.

Why Choose Honest Botanicals

  • Made with organic Cannabis Sativa hemp extract

  • Using as few ingredients as possible so you know what you’re consuming

  • Wide variety of product options

  • Based in Vancouver, BC, with fast nation wide shipping

Our team are experts in sourcing the finest quality CBD from Canadian farms, to the manufacturing process where the CBD Oils are created. Over the years we have specialized in E-commerce and distributions to provide 5 star service in delivering you a complete customer journey form start to finish.

CBD Recipe Book

Any Herb CBD Pesto

Looking for a tasty way to use all those fresh herbs from your garden? Look no further! This customizable recipe offers a fun and easy way to incorporate CBD oil that's both healthy and delicious.


Take control of your health

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