CBD Oil for Pets


Available in 250 or 500 mg strengths

30 ml bottle

CBD Oil for pets from Honest Botanicals is bringing relief to all your furry friends. Use to help with pain, increasing appetite, anxiety and overall health, the medicinal ingredients in this product include 99.9% pure CBD isolate to promote balance and create homeostasis, and pure MCT oil with it’s far-reaching anti-inflammatory benefits, offering support for brain and body health.

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CBD Oil for Pets from Honest Botanicals

Available in 250 mg and 500 mg strengths

This CBD Oil for pets is perfect for both Cats and Dogs. Made from CBD Isolate extracted from Canadian grown hemp. This CBD oil has zero THC, so is non-psychoactive… you don’t need to worry about getting your pet “High”. You do, however, get to give your pet the benefits of CBD though.  CBD has been known to help with the following symptoms in pets.

  • Treat Seizures
  • Relieves chronic pain
  • Increases appetite
  • Reduces anxiety

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Customer Reviews

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Highly recommend this product. I have a 13 year old havanese who would have random occurrences of illness and lethargic behaviors. She has not had one since she’s been on daily drops of this CBD oil. She doesn’t appear sore and acts just like her puppy self despite her age.

CBD Oil for Pets

This product has been wonderful for my senior dog. She is calmer, happier and has more energy. I feel like the product has lessened her arthritic pain and I am very happy with it!

Anxious dog appears more calm

We have a four year old maltipoo who came from a backyard breeder with no socialization or training. She’s done really well but has suffered from severe separation anxiety and random manic type moments. Since giving her the cbd drops in her breakfast over the past week or so she does appear to have mellowed somewhat. She’ll still howl and bark if left alone, but not as much. It does seem to have made a difference.

It works!

We have a VERY ACTIVE 7 year old Border Collie who was starting to get a bit stiff in his back legs after resting. Some evenings he would be hesistant to go up the stairs or would take them very slowly. It's just go, go, go with this type of dog so it's tough to make them "take it easy or rest". To NOT run and play is torture for them. Well we are a little over 1/2 done our first bottle of the 500mg CBD and definitely notice a difference. He isn't as stiff when he gets up after resting, is taking the stairs, jumping on the couch etc, much easier and with way less hesitation than before. We will definitely continue with the oil and hope to see even more improvement. I was about to order a couple more bottles right now. (might as well save some shipping costs and order 2!) We're going to try the new bacon flavor this time! I want to add that Honest Bontanicals have been great to deal with, very professional, helpful and quick to respond when I had a question and shipping was very fast - only took a couple days to get our first order! If you are wondering if CBD oil will help your pet, I encourage you to give it a try. I was hesistant at first but so glad I gave it a try!

Puppers looking good

We have given our older dog this for 3 weeks and he is for sure showing less signs of pain and discomfort. His overall disposition is much better as well.