Hemp CBD Oil – No THC


Hand crafted in B.C. using organic CBD Isolate, Honest Botanicals has brought you a high quality CBD Oil that contains zero THC. This CBD Oil is extremely pure, and perfect for people who are looking for the effectiveness of CBD oil without the ‘high’ of THC.

Ingredients: Organic CBD Isolate, MCT Oil.

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Hemp CBD Oil with zero THC

This is the perfect CBD Oil for numerous different ailments. Whether it be, anxiety, pain, inflammation, depression, or a wide array of other issues, you are sure to love the efficacy of this CBD oil tincture. Hand crafted in BC using the highest quality starting materials available, Honest Botanicals has really delivered a top-notch CBD Oil Tincture. This pure CBD is simply the finest on the market.

When it comes to CBD oil, many people are faced with the fear they may test positive for marijuana if given a drug test, or they may feel the traditional “high” most people associate with cannabis. The minuscule levels of THC within a CBD tincture are most often not enough to produce any psychoactive effects, but it’s unclear how it may affect a drug screening that tests for THC.

This can be particularly sensitive in the workplace considering more than half of employers require candidates to pass a pre-employment, or random drug screening. And while it’s rather unlikely that a CBD oil would contain enough THC to alter a drug test result, this really depends on what product you are using and how often. In either case, many people want to avoid the risks altogether, especially if your job depends on it.

This is where Honest Botanicals Zero THC CBD oil comes into play.

Our CBD oil does not have any detectable levels of THC, as only the CBD is removed during the extraction and then used in the product. So you can take this with the knowledge that you won’t have any negative reactions from THC, whether psychoactive or employment based.


250 mg Bottle – 8.3 mg of CBD per full dropper

500 mg Bottle – 16.6 mg of CBD per full dropper

1000 mg Bottle – 33.3 mg of CBD per full dropper

2500 mg Bottle – 83.25 mg of CBD per full dropper

Honest Botanicals uses CBD which is Lab Tested and comes from Canadian Grown Hemp.

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Customer Reviews

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Just wondering how much to take🤷‍♀️


I get this product for my wife,ever since she has started taking it months ago she has gotten her life back from her crippling anxiety. Thank you for making such a great product!

Hemp CBD Oil - No THC

amazing product and service! thank you honest botanicals!

Great - could be better

No complains, but it could allow customers to buy via credit card considering the product price. Apart from that, great service and delivery process! This is a product recommended by a vet for my dogs, and they have clearly shown some improvements (hip pain and kidney stone). Will buy more for sure.

Happy Mom and daughter!

So far I’ve noticed improved sleep, I used to wake at least 3 times over night, up for hours at a time. I now wake up and it’s morning, like a miracle! I also see a great improvement in my anxiety. My daughter’s meltdowns are not lasting as long, this is major for us as a family. She definitely seems calmer.
I look forward to experimenting with a higher dose, and adding an evening dose, currently we both only have in morning.

I also notice an improvement with my headaches but think the oil with THC will provide even better benefits for my migraines.

I was very impressed with customer service and so glad I spent a great deal of time researching to find what I believe, is a great company!

Many Thanks!!!