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Spectrum CBD OIL

I received your product and I have order another 2 bottle.

Full Spectrum

Great products. I initially tried No THC CBD and have now been taking the Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Both products work very good for stress however I find I need less of the Full Spectrum. I was hesitant in trying the Full Spectrum with the small THC content. My experience smoking marijuana was never good! Always bad reactions. This is not that. No high and works great. Thank you Honest Botanicals! And the speed of the order fulfilment & shipping still amazes me 🙂


I was surprised to not find any information on CBD oil in the packages I received. I expected to find the dosage per dropper. I finally found it on your website.
I think this would be good information on your products upon delivery.


Absolutely love this product. Finally after almost 3 years I have some pain relief and am getting back to doing the things I love!!

Hemp CBD Oil - No THC


Highly recommend this product. I have a 13 year old havanese who would have random occurrences of illness and lethargic behaviors. She has not had one since she’s been on daily drops of this CBD oil. She doesn’t appear sore and acts just like her puppy self despite her age.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Hemp CBD Oil - No THC

Great product, helps my wife with anxiety and chronic knee pain. Super fast shipping, great service. I would highly recommend this.

Great all round

great product, and very timely delivery! Also was expecting it to have a weird taste, but its tasteless. So that was great too

Great product

Great product. Quick delivery. Nicely packaged. After placing your order follow the instructions on the email that is sent to you for payment via etransfer..... I was a bit leery but it was just fine and my package arrived 2days after I ordered.

CBD Oil for Pets

This product has been wonderful for my senior dog. She is calmer, happier and has more energy. I feel like the product has lessened her arthritic pain and I am very happy with it!

Great stuff.

I tried this CBD Oil Full Spectrum 2500 mg and I got to say been on it just 2 weeks now and it’s really after helping the arithitus in my hip and my neck also csuse I got a degenerated disk in my neck and really after helping with that. It just takes the pain away. Wonderful stuff

CBD Oils

Great service and great products!!

Awesome product, prompt shipping

Zero issues with this product. Received promptly. Back to those super deep sleeps

Amazing results!!

From the build up of stress that accumulates throughout time, which then in my case manifests into minor anxiety—I have undergone all tests available to see what may be wrong as to why I keep getting anxiety, seemingly out of no where. From blood tests, to stress tests, to clinical counselling, to heart rate monitors... nothing showed up as irregular causing a concern. After realizing that stress was the precursor, I did some research ‘online’ through several credible sources and did some study into CBD. CBD isolate, Cbd tinctures, forms of CBD and so forth. From my research I have selected a Thc-free CBD isolate which is 100% Cbd which has zero psychoactive properties such as Thc. I began taking this Cbd-isolate daily as this is what the others I have read about have been doing. For best results I take a half dropper of the 500mg cbd oil “When Needed” and it works amazingly! Once you allow the oil to sit under your tongue for a minute you can can swallow it... and you’ll experience a calming affect mentally and you’ll be in control again without the minor anxiety symptoms. Drowsiness is not a factor for me when I take this as needed, and i haven’t experienced any side effects at all. Great product. I may use it once to twice a week.

Very Good

Works well for pain.

No affect

Well I was looking forward to trying, but didn't notice a thing after taking a full dose two times.

More Info Needed

Not sure how effective this product would be, as there is no dose information on the bottle or in the packaging. For someone new to the world of CBD Oil a little information would be great.


Great product, easy to order and was delivered quickly. Will buy again.

Satisfied with purchase

Fast delivery-good quality oil

great stuff!

This is the best cbd oil on the market!

Excellent product

The product is really good. And it shipped quickly. Arrived at expected date of delivery, within a week.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Love the Full spectrum oil!

This is really helping my
Stepdad sleep better ! Thankyou

Hemp CBD Oil - No THC