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CBD oil

This is my first time using the product. Definitely calms my anxiety but I haven't noticed a big reduction of the chronic pain from my arthritis. Perhaps I need to increase the strength??

Great product, fast delivery!

Good but delivery is expensive

No bad after taste, works as well as the medical prescribed oil, but a little bit cheaper. I have to pay too much for being sent in the mail, since I live in surrey, and they are in Vancouver. Other than that it's worth it.

CBD Capsules


Just wondering how much to take🤷‍♀️

I get this product for my wife,ever since she has started taking it months ago she has gotten her life back from her crippling anxiety. Thank you for making such a great product!

Works Great !!

I actually use this product on my dog. She needs Full Spectrum for her injured knee. I ran out and noticed she started limping again at night. Quickly order more and we are back to rest and Full Spectrum CBD.

Hemp CBD Oil - No THC

amazing product and service! thank you honest botanicals!

Great - could be better

No complains, but it could allow customers to buy via credit card considering the product price. Apart from that, great service and delivery process! This is a product recommended by a vet for my dogs, and they have clearly shown some improvements (hip pain and kidney stone). Will buy more for sure.

Full Spectrum

seems to be working well so far. will see if it keeps going well

It's nice but didn't seem to be melted properly - the shea butter was in balls all throughout it, I expected a more consistent texture.

Fast Delivery, Good Results

After a cautious beginning, starting with just 5 drops of the CBD (500 mg), I increased to 10. Then experimented with the Full Spectrum, starting with 8 drops (500 mg). CBD helps me sleep at night, and I use Full Spectrum during the day only if symptoms flare up with my particular condition. Found helpful dosage advice from Dr. Sulak at

Happy Mom and daughter!

So far I’ve noticed improved sleep, I used to wake at least 3 times over night, up for hours at a time. I now wake up and it’s morning, like a miracle! I also see a great improvement in my anxiety. My daughter’s meltdowns are not lasting as long, this is major for us as a family. She definitely seems calmer.
I look forward to experimenting with a higher dose, and adding an evening dose, currently we both only have in morning.

I also notice an improvement with my headaches but think the oil with THC will provide even better benefits for my migraines.

I was very impressed with customer service and so glad I spent a great deal of time researching to find what I believe, is a great company!

Many Thanks!!!

Dog lasts longer on walks

My Dog is 12 & started slowing down, even on our short walks, I would have to carry him home. Most days, he now walks the entire walk home! I was going to buy him a dog stroller but can now hold off till the Summer, when we go on much longer forest walks.

He’s a Whippet and is also running like he used to again! I’m very happy!!

No THC 250

First purchase, really like the results. Will buy again!

good for anxiety and sleep

got for my daughter who has a bit of social anxiety, she's found it helps with the anxiety and she is sleeping better

Full Spectrum CBD Oil


I had before another brand and same mg, but seems like this formula is not the same, but still helps me, thank you.

Great stuff!

Second time purchasing, no complaints!


I love how quickly I received my order and the quality of the cbd oil is amazing

Happy Tears

To see my 13 1/2 year old girl and soon to be 12 year old boy playing like young dogs again is just wonderful. They were at best tolerant and at times snappy with their "annoying baby sister". Now you'd have a hard time telling which one is the puppy. I think this is a great product. Paws Up from all three of my dogs.

Honest Review

The product has no taste, worked as advertised. I purchased this product with the balm for pain relief, and it worked!

Best clay mask I've ever used

I've tried a number of different clay masks in my day but never one quite like this. After just one use I noticed my skin tone looked more even and my pores looked nice and clean! Yeah!

I love the smell of this balm!

Not only does it smell super yummy! It also works great on sore muscles. I use two days after my spin class when my legs are really sore!

Full Spectrum CBD Oil