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Maureen’s Take

Hi for me personally, the 1000mg Full Spectrum CDB Oil is more effect for my poor sleeping habits.

Works great for anxiety in my pup.

Bought for my mom and cat with no luck

My cat had been anxiously pacing the house and spraying. I had tried a different brand and it definitely cut down on the pacing and stopped the spraying. Then I bought Honest Botanicals and he went back to pacing and spraying!! I bought the old brand and he has stopped again thankfully.
I have it to my Mom, she has arthritis and has not noticed any difference.

CBD Therapeutic Balm

Love This Company

They have been so helpful in guiding me on what products to use. Quick responses and quick delivery. Thank you.

Comments below

I am sleeping better. My over all mood is better. My disposition is more mellow, however my wife of 63 years may not agree.
I have some back pain which I hoped would be better, but is not.
I have had to contact your office because when filling out the online form I found it difficult. Your staff was very helpful.......Lou


My big dog was struggling to run and with the oil she has been running and more playful!

Consistent Results for 7 months

I have a 9 year old beagle with a chronic pain condition developed from a testing facility I adopted him from 8 months ago. A month after adopting him i started him on a daily dose of CBD and it has made him a whole different dog
When I first adopted him, he was hunched over and hardly would go for walks. Now he runs around at the dog park and is always wagging his tail and jumping for snacks!

10/10 recommend CBD oil for pain conditions.

A Game Changer

My big 10 year old pup has some serious hip issues from being hit by a car as a puppy. This CBD oil has been everything he needed to help him move around and sleep comfortably. No more shifting around from discomfort or moving from spot to spot in the middle of the night trying to find relief. We wanted something that we could give him daily without having to use medications with harmful side effects. We just drop the oil onto some homemade dog treats, and the difference in his movement is unbelievable. So happy we found this.

Isolate - a little goes a long way

This product is wonderful. It helps relieve my husband’s neck and shoulder pain due to arthritis and injury. It is easy to take, either directly or mixed in tea etc. It is nice to have another way to reap the benefits of CBD as not everyone can take capsules or likes the oil.

Therapeutic Balm is the Best!

Love this balm; odourless and feels great on the skin. Works great to relieve the pain I have in my feet from arthritis and bunions; highly recommend you give it a try for your aches and pains.

He’s like a puppy again

My 9 yr old Great Dane is acting like a puppy again. Can’t believe so little does sooo much. Thank you


Didn't seem to do very much.

Love It!

My 15 year old doodle has cancer for almost a year now but with the CBD oil she has an awesome appetite and happily goes on long walks. I believe it is because of the oil which I prefer over medications.

Real relief!

I was t-boned in a roundabout a few years ago, and was bedridden completely with my heating pad until I started taking this oil. I’m able to do all the things I love to do with minimal discomfort now. I’m so grateful to be able to get THC free too, as I have 14 years of recovery. Thanks so much!

It really helps me with my arthritis and I do sleep better.

Not sure.

Did lots of research and ended up with two bottles of this CBD oil. I'm not entirely sure it's done much for pain or anxiety. I'm not sure whether to buy again or try another brand.

Works well with my dog for her anxiety. Great product!

good as usual

Great for PMS

I have noticed a sivnificant decrease in pain. Quick delivery too.

Works well and great delivery

Seems to work really well to help me sleep. Ordering and delivery were great and easy!

Love it

Helps me sleep through the night and helps with my arthritis!!

Great results

I’m so happy with how my dog is able to move around better and with obvious less pain

Good product - tested no THC

Very good results as treatment for 9 yr old with Tourette’s

Anxiety relief for my pooch

My dog has over the top anxiety and this product has helped sooo much. Not a cure but definitely takes the edge off and makes everyday life more manageable for her