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Excellent product

The product is really good. And it shipped quickly. Arrived at expected date of delivery, within a week.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Love the Full spectrum oil!

This is really helping my
Stepdad sleep better ! Thankyou

Hemp CBD Oil - No THC

Customers For Life

If you have a dog suffering from arthritis or any joint pain buy this product it will change their life and is worth every penny. We have been giving this to our 5 year old great dane for the last three weeks his mobility and agility have improved so significantly. He doesnt crack as much when standing or sitting and he used to hate anyone touching his back end but now he welcomes a massage. He jumps over logs and can go on long walks without having pain. He no longer hesitates when going up the stairs and just seems more content, calm, and pain free.

We have already recommended this to so many of our friends. Thank you for a great product

Full spectrum cbd oil

Love this product works amazing helps you sleep better removes any pain from the body it’s like magic worth the money !!

Honest CBD

I'm totally happy with my purchase from Honest Botanicals, right from the customer service to the product itself. I won't go anywhere else now. Thank-you.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

This full spectrum CBD has helped my headaches!

Great quality

Helped with my sleep

Excellent Service

I ordered this CBD oil on Monday night and it was in my mailbox Wednesday, in Ontario! Regarding the product itself, I can use it only before bed because it makes me very relaxed and also sleepy. And I'm not entirely sure if it is the CBD oil or something else, but I have been having all kinds of dreams lately! 🙂

Anxious dog appears more calm

We have a four year old maltipoo who came from a backyard breeder with no socialization or training. She’s done really well but has suffered from severe separation anxiety and random manic type moments. Since giving her the cbd drops in her breakfast over the past week or so she does appear to have mellowed somewhat. She’ll still howl and bark if left alone, but not as much. It does seem to have made a difference.

It works!

We have a VERY ACTIVE 7 year old Border Collie who was starting to get a bit stiff in his back legs after resting. Some evenings he would be hesistant to go up the stairs or would take them very slowly. It's just go, go, go with this type of dog so it's tough to make them "take it easy or rest". To NOT run and play is torture for them. Well we are a little over 1/2 done our first bottle of the 500mg CBD and definitely notice a difference. He isn't as stiff when he gets up after resting, is taking the stairs, jumping on the couch etc, much easier and with way less hesitation than before. We will definitely continue with the oil and hope to see even more improvement. I was about to order a couple more bottles right now. (might as well save some shipping costs and order 2!) We're going to try the new bacon flavor this time! I want to add that Honest Bontanicals have been great to deal with, very professional, helpful and quick to respond when I had a question and shipping was very fast - only took a couple days to get our first order! If you are wondering if CBD oil will help your pet, I encourage you to give it a try. I was hesistant at first but so glad I gave it a try!

Puppers looking good

We have given our older dog this for 3 weeks and he is for sure showing less signs of pain and discomfort. His overall disposition is much better as well.

High quality CBD oil

This is a fantastic product. I feel very calm and relaxed after taking this oil. As someone that has tried various oils and edibles I can confirm this is the highest quality and worth the price point. Will be a return buyer.

Great product

This is my second time buying the product, and I love it, but the bottle that I received this time was bigger than the bottle I received last time even though I ordered 2500 mg both times. Does that mean I got ripped off last time? Why would you have different size bottles for the same amount of product?

Cbd for dogs

I’m not sure this product reAlly works. I have ordered 3 bottles and my dogs seizure continue so really unsure. I think he’s much more tired since I started cbd. I wanted to give it a fair try but really not happy with the product

Marion Cozens

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD oil purchased

Honest Botanicals is the best organized online retailer I have ever purchased from. Lots of follow up info via email about my purchase. The product arrived promptly and in perfect condition. I will buy my CBD oil here from now on.

CBD oil

This stuff is like gold!

Love this cbd

This is the first cbd oil I’ve tried and it has done amazing things for my skin! I don’t notice a change in anything else other than that. My acne is cleared up and the redness is going away now. I take one ml of the zero thc everyday

Zero thc tincture 500mg

Love this product !

Full spectrum CBD oil honest botanicals

Good product quick shipping. 3rd order and no issues whatsoever

I was very pleased with the prompt delivery and I am finding positive results in pain control with the product. I have only used it for a week and I am still trying to find the best dosage level for me.

Fixed my acne!

I started getting acne out of no where last year. I tried absolutely everything to get rid of it and nothing worked but this CBD oil!! I got it for anxiety and sleep but the only significant change I noticed is in my skin. I am sooooo grateful. I have the 500 mg and take 1ml everyday.