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It’s solid but expensive

So far, I’m not noticing any benefits. What I’m looking for is some thing that will help my arthritis in my joints and alleviate some of the pain. So maybe you can help me and if you have any other recommendations on how I can achieve that goal then I’d be willing to try something different.

Hemp CBD Oil - No THC

Bacon Flavored CBD Oil for Dogs
Micheline Ippersiel
My dog is so much calmer

My dog suffers from anxiety. I did not know what to do to help him. I tried veterinarian prescribed medication which seemed to amplify the problem. I tried obedience classes but anxiety has nothing to do with obedience. As a last resort I tried Bacon Flavoured CBC Oil for Dogs. Wow, what a difference. It took almost 2 months to feel the real efficacy of the product but it was really worth it. I am not saying that his anxiety has completely disappeared, no but he is much more calm. I will not live without this product. Thank you Honest Botanicals.

CBD Oil for Pets
Lauren Howles
health support

I have a 100 lb Shepard with a torn ACL. We have been managing this without surgery and I started CBD as a pain support. It aprears to have made a difference and I will continue this treatment.


At first it wasn’t working for my dog so we had to up the mg. Now it’s working wonderfully! He’s not so anxious when we have to leave the house now.

Super Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Sebastian Faraguna
Works great

So far, no complaints even when using 1/4th of the dosage that’s recommended. Very good quality cbd oil that helps me relax and concentrate

Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Bonnie Vickerson
Very convenient

So far do good. I have tried a few others but this one seems to work best. Wanted to concentrate on quality of sleep and now it seems I am having nerve issues to fix. Very convenient to order and arrives quickly. Was recommended from a friend of mine.

Great product

Great service

Bacon Flavored CBD Oil for Dogs

Bacon Flavored CBD Oil for Dogs

Honest Botanicals Bacon Flavoured CBD Oil for Dogs- Amazing!

I own a 14 year old Pomeranian who was having issues with a back left hip giving out and him landing hard on the floor when it happened. At my next vet visit I mentioned it to his doctor and she did some tests and recommended I give the CBD oil a try. I was a bit skeptical but ordered it anyway and have not looked back or regretted the purchase. What was a once to twice time per day happening has pretty much disappeared. In the last 40 days since I purchased the product I can count on one hand his hip bothering him and it is so easy to administer on a treat. Thank you so much Honest Botanicals for helping my fur baby!

CBD Oil for Pets
Loretta Mcleod

Seems to work well for my dogs seziure

Sugar Free option would be good

I love the fact that my go to CBD oil company has began to sell CBD Gummies. An idea to increase your customer base would be to make another option that’s sugar free and cornstarch free, for those of us that are Diabetics, looking to cut calories, Follow a Keto Diet, or straight up looking to reduce carb intake. Something as simple a gum and Sucralose instead of cornstarch and sugar, could easily add another product, without altering much in regards to inventory, while also including a bigger customer base. Just an idea

CBD oil

If you don't like the taste of it or it hurts your throat, go to drugstore and buy some # 3 clear capsules. Fill with eyedropper. Works.
Need stronger dosage for arthritic joint pain.

Dog cbd oil

This works like magic!!
10 stars

CBD Isolate
Amitoz Sharma

CBD Isolate

Helping my arthritic dog

I bought HB Bacon Flavour for large dogs when our Lab/Husky mix was diagnosed with lymphoma. Unfortunately, he wasn’t on it long enough to see a difference, but I gave it to my 8-year old Rottie mix and noticed a big difference in her level of friskiness after about two weeks. I think it’s doing her as much good as Cartrophen injections for her arthritis.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil
Gaston Losier
High blood pressure reduction

I only tried it for one month but it seems to have reduced my hige blood pressure, will try it again.

Great Product

This pure CBD oil works wonders for my tight achilles tendon and sore muscles. Purchase and delivery with Honest was smooth and timely, highly recommend.

Good product. Always prompt service and delivery. Helps me greatly with the stiffness and pain in my hands.

Hemp CBD Oil - No THC
Karen Johnson

Helps with joint pain and sleep

Bacon Flavored CBD Oil for Dogs
Anna Marie OConnell
Excellent service and product

We use the oil for our puppy for car sickness and anxiety- no side effects and works great!!

Good stuff

CBD Oil for Pets
Michael Klein
“Stoned” doodle

Seriously. Really helped this 12 yer old doodle with hip pain