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Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Gerald Hiebert

I believe the Full spectrum is helping me with my aches and pains.

Hemp CBD Oil - No THC
nilofar farbod

Hemp CBD Oil - No THC

CBD Oil for Pets
Joel Monette
No improvement on anxiety

Tried this product to help our anxious 1 yr old dog. We followed the recommended dose according to weight and even doubled the dose as recommended if no changes were seen. After over 2 months of use, there are absolutely no improvements.

Love it

Non stop

We still have a lot to talk about experiences.
Back pain is a piece of cake for CBD as many people say. I have experienced it and I confirm it.
However I have been diabetic 2 for many years, and am struggling well with this disease, my therapy is 60mg Gliclazide and 1000mg Metformin.
After a few months of taking CBD 500 20mg once a day, the sugar level stabilized greatly and hypoglycemia began. I have reduced the therapy by half plus I often break the rules of the diet during the day and every morning the level is from 4.8 to 5.5. A1c from a few days ago is 6.5, this sounds so good that I'm afraid to believe it. That's not all, the list of small positive observations on my body is too extensive for this review


It took about a month but my big dog 10 year old can get up without a lot less struggle!!
He's been picky about bacon flavors but likes this one.
I really appreciate the dosage/lb. info provided and the pipette increments (vs. measuring by drop).

I tried other brand (with no dosage info) and it didn't help. Also tried prescription anti-inflammatory med x2 which caused diarrhea.

CBD Oil for Pets
Mindy Lehman


CBD Oil for Pets
Debbie Redmond
Jack Russell - Joints & Hip Pain

REZ is my 15+ year old Jack Russell and has really slowed down in his old age due to muscle loss and joint pain. He has been on CBD Oil for pets for the last 8 months which has greatly assisted in helping REZ to get out of bed and to go for walks.


Gummies work better than oil

First Time Buyer

I’ll be back…

Hemp CBD Oil - No THC
Amanda Latimer

Hemp CBD Oil - No THC

It really works!

I must admit, I was suspicious about buying/trying the CBD oil for my chocolate lab but he was sore and limping from arthritis so I had to try something to help make him more comfortable. Within a few days of adding the CBD oil to his food he was much more active. Now, he no longer groans when he sits down/gets up and he doesn’t limp after a day at the beach like he used to. I will definitely continue with the bacon flavour CBD oil for the rest of his life. I highly recommend this product! It also gets delivered quickly every time which is wonderful. Honest Botanicals is a good company. You won’t regret trying them out.

CBD Oil for Pets
Janice Arcand

Unfortunately I can’t comment on the CBC oil for my cat because I’ve been unable to give it to her. She is a feral cat and I am not able hold her. I’m quite convinced it is exactly what she needs but I can’t make her take it!

Is not the same as full spectrum same mg

Not same with thc


Using the CBD-thc free oil works great. Happy to not have to take Tylenol etc.
Thank you for making this possible.

CBD Therapeutic Balm

think it is good. ask my cat


Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Joan McDonald
Full Spectrum CBD Oil

I am sleeping more soundly and deeply than I have in over 20 years.
My body feels more relaxed throughout the day. I am very pleased !

Love your product .Really
helps with my arthritis pain!

Sleep aid

I wanted to try this to help me sleep. Unfortunately it has not helped and I really feel no difference in my ability to fall asleep


Very good stuff. I love IT

CBD Capsules - 25mg
Penny McKinnon
Pain free

It’s very difficult for me to compare it to anything else because I have never used medication stronger than a regular Tylenol. I was in a lot of pain daily. This limited my activities. My daughter purchased these CBD capsules for me. Initially I was sceptical but within days I was pain free. I will keep taking them as I do prefer living without pain!

Anxious Dog

We have an anxious and reactive schnauzer. We started with the single dose for a week with no noticeable effects (positive or negative) and increased to the double dose about 2 weeks ago. There is no drastic change in our dog's behaviour, but it does seem a bit easier to calm and redirect him during times of high stress or triggers. Shipping was also faster than expected!

Hemp CBD Oil - No THC
Aleks Leszczynski

Hemp CBD Oil - No THC

No pain.

Finally sleeping and very little pain from fibromyalgia but wish it came in larger sizes