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A wonderful tool to have

I’m using it to prevent my chronic pain from worsening during the nights. I used to wake up sore and tense each morning but now it’s not an issue. It keeps the inflammation to a minimum and she used in conjunction with other tools such as magnesium and arnica, it’s a near perfect solution to something that was moderate to severe before.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil
carole poirier
CBD oil Full spectrum 1000mg

I'M from Quebec and always buy my cbd oil whit Honest Botanical .co ....Good product , fast delivry , easy to buy Thank you

Used for stress

My stress symptom is skin crawling. I take this every night in order for me to fall sleep. It works amazingly.


First time trying this product. Makes me very relaxed and sleep well. Have not seen any other benefits.

Bacon Flavored CBD Oil for Dogs

My Dogs love it! Seems to help with Anxiety & health

Full Spectrum CBD Oil
good stock !

Have you a deal if i buy each month ?

Vegan Friendly CBD Gummies
Jacqueline Ducharme
Vegan Gummies

Awesome product!
Helps keep me calm and relaxed during stressful situations

CBD Oil for Pets
Tania Kajner

CBD Oil for Pets

For Sleep

I don’t find it helps me fall asleep and stay asleep, which I was hoping!

Life changing

Bought this as a last resort for my 65 yr old mother who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis in her feet and can't walk much because of the pain during flare ups. She was terrified of getting high off cannibis products, even though it was explained to her that this contains no thc. Within a week of daily use she was able to not only be pain free, but went out shopping all day, got all her Christmas baking done and was so much less swollen that her shoes are now a size too big on her. THANK YOU!! This gave her her life back.

Always a consistently good product.

We’ve been getting CBD full spectrum capsules and CBG tincture on a regular basis for almost 9 months.
My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumour, Glioblastoma last March, his prognosis from the Oncologist was 6-18 months. Since then he has been using both CBD & CBG daily, as well as other alternative & western medicine.
His last MRI in August was ‘clean’, no signs of a tumour or new cell growth.
Now that doesn’t mean he’s in the clear, but it does mean he’s doing something right.
So along with a VERY healthy diet and some mountain hikes, his ‘program’ is working.
We both believe in the power of the plant. 🙌

Medical reasons

I have frontal lobes dementia. So, CBD is the best I can take. No THC. No alcohol.

Works for me!

I'll order again! Can I take this to Mexico?

helped my cat that had cancer

My cat was put on a form of "cat morphine" when he was diagnosed with cancer. He hated the taste and hid from us, slept a lot, and was not himself. I ordered the CBD Oil for pets and he was playful again and got his appetite back. Plus, it was way more affordable. His cancer was aggressive, though, and he was only with us for another few weeks. I'm happy I gave him some time without pain and a sense of normalcy, rather than him being higher than a kite with the morphine.

Bacon Flavored CBD Oil for Dogs

Excellent products

I’ve been getting all my CBD capsules and CBG tincture from Honest Botanicals since March of last year.
It’s a great company to deal with.
Excellent product
Superb customer service
Honest, consistent and reliable.
I alway know what I’m getting and the products come promptly.

Works for chronic pain

I have muscle tension which compresses my nerves and then proceeds to cause nerve pain. This used to wake me often with numb fingers and radiating pain. Taking this nightly has alleviated the pain about 90% of the time, unless I’ve really abused my muscles too much that day without stretching.

Hemp CBD Oil - No THC
Sharon Howard
Cbd oil

I use the oil for my arthritic knee, I’m very happy with the results.

Super Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Vegan Friendly CBD Gummies

Good product

Great Product!

Absolutely love the gummies. I’ve ordered them several times and they don’t disappoint!


We started using CBD from Honest Botanicals for our 12 y.o. labradoodle upon an ACL tear.
Best thing we could have done!!

CBD Oil for Pets
Jessie Comeau
Helping calm and ease pain

My 7yr old bulldog had both back knees replaced and suffers from Arthritis, also has fear based anxiety. I give her 1full dropper of the 500mg pet CBD every morning with breakfast and I’m already noticing her personality and playful side coming back.

Found it really helpful

I’ve used the CBD oil with zero THC but found this to have a much greater impact. I planned to take it at night to help with sleep but actually found that taking it during the day was helping my whole system feel calmer which improved my sleep. I got 500mg and this dosage felt right for my sensitive system. I’ll be getting more for times of increased stress.